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Encyclopedia of Business, Trade and Industrial Laws & Regulations of the Gulf Council (Arabic & English)

The Arab states of the Gulf Council are considered to be an active economic environment and site that attracts domestic,  Arab and International markets paving the way for capital in-flows.  These states endeavor to organize and optimize the economic activity through enacting new legislation and regulations covering various types of business affairs.  As a result,  a group of lawyers of the Gulf Council decided to produce, with the participation of MADAMEK, a database including all  legal texts and regulations relevant to business,  enforced in the states of the Gulf Cooperation Council. The deep-rooted cooperation between Pan-Arab lawyers and MADAMEK specialized in the production of juridical databases, give credibility and continuity to such work which inevitably benefits users. 

Countries covered: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and U.A.E. 
Some of the issues mentioned are:  

  • Regulations on Trade, Companies and Trade Register.
  • Regulations on Import & Export.
  • Regulations on Petrol & Minerals.
  • Regulations on Banking Sector and Stock Market.
  • Regulations on Chamber of Commerce.
  • Regulations on Appropriation and Rent.

Needless to say,  that this type of work is an exhaustive one allowing users to have an easy access to all required information. This database is accompanied with a terminology list that provides solutions for Arabic synonyms and facilitates the retrieval through pyramidal relations between terms.