Collection of Advisory Opinions issued from the Legislative and Council Board at the Ministry of Justice (Arabic)


The "Advisory Opinions Collection" is the third work of an encyclopedic series produced by  MADAMEK. This collection entails around 5,000 significant opinions (1949-1995) from the Legislation and Council Board at the Ministry of Justice, prudently selected from 15,000 texts. Thus, they were assembled with respect to their importance and ability to tackle complex legal matters submitted by ministries and public institutions before the council. Topics covered are diversified and include various sectors of Law:  

  • Administrative Law
  • Code of Obligations & contracts
  • Code of Procedures
  • Commercial Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Labor Law
  • Real estate act
    and others...

This is the first work of its kind to be published anywhere in Lebanon.  As astounding as this may seem, it is true: before this work existed, there was nothing comparable to it as a basic reference tool.  In due course, they are now available to the general public and are of special interest to all those in the field of Law. Thus, they can be cited as reliable references, that are not found explicitly in any legal books or documents.