Madamek was founded by a group of legal experts in 1993 as a research and consultancy bureau in information technology and law. It then transformed into a Lebanese limited liability company in 1997. This company comprises specialists in Law, information technology and documentation.
Madamek has been accredited by ALDOC as a think tank in legal informatics and law as expert in the production of legal databases.

Madamek's Profile:  

  • Producing & Publishing legal database and management system.

  • Consulting, Contracting, implementing information systems (DBMS) and electronic archiving.

Madamek Human Resources:  

  • Jurists & legal informatics experts in charge of indexing and classification.

  • Translators: specialist in legal translation.

  • Experts in information technology


  • In 1994, it signed a contract of cooperation with ALDOC (Arab League Documentation Center) to develop the "Bulletin of Arab Official Gazettes" as a legal database containing the full texts of all Arab Legislation.

  • In 1995, Madamek formed a group of Arab lawyers aiming to produce PAN-ARAB legal databases.

  • In 2004, Madamek has concluded a consortium with Version legal translation company for translating legal documents.

  • In 2005, Madamek has concluded a consortium with the Arab Center for the Development of The Rule of Law to combine their effort for the dissemination of legal knowledge in the service of the Rule of Law.

Madamek in Brief: 
It is worth mentioning some of the achievements performed by the specialists working with Madamek, mainly during the past years.

I- Studies 

    1- (1986-1993) supervising the production of the "National Legal Database" belonging to Lebanese University. 
    2- (1988) Analyzing the indexing of the French court decisions related to "Cour de Cassation" in agreement with "Centre National de l'Informatique Juridique" (C.N.I.J) a constituent of the French prime ministry. 
    3- (1993)  Designing the development of the "Legal Informatics Center" for Lebanese Ministry of Justice. 
    4- (1993) Automation of the "Lebanese Audit Court". 
    5- (1994) Designing the development of "Legal Informatics Center" at the faculty of Law (Sagesse Lebanese University). 
    6- Automation of "Lebanese State Council."

II- Some of the studies conducted for the Lebanese Ministry of Justice in agreement with world bank (1993-1996) 

    7-  Automation of the Ministry of Justice Library. 
    8-  Automation of the Judiciary Inspection Committee. 
    9-  Automation of the Lebanese Trade Register. 
    10-  Survey on the Judiciary Backlog.

III- Studies on Databases Projects 

    11-  Arab Banking and Financing Laws Database.
      Rules and Regulations of the Arab Arbitration Systems.
    13-  Rules and Regulations of the Arab Insurance Systems.
    14-  Arab Parliamentary Law Database.
    15-  Arab Local Governance Database.
    16-  Arab Platform for National Legal database.
    17-  Platform for National Judiciary Court Automation system.
    18-  Cultural NGO's Database for the Lebanese Ministry of Culture
    19- State of Local Governance, Democracy, and Socio-Economics in the Arab Countries

IV- Accomplished Databases (Refer to Madamek products)